BREAKING: Shinzo Abe set to leave hospital

Former Japanese Prime Minister ready to leave hospital after horror attack last Wednesday


Grafton Syracuse

7/11/20221 min read

Shinzo Abe with thumbs up in hospital bed
Shinzo Abe with thumbs up in hospital bed

SHINZO ABE IN GOOD SPIRITS: Former Japanese PM shows his gratitude to Tokyo General Hospital staff. (SyndiNews)

BREAKING: Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to leave hospital today after surviving a vicious attack on 8 July 2022. Spokesperson for the Abe family says he is in “good spirits” and is determined to leave the hospital on his own two feet. “He has shown true grace under pressure, smiling throughout his ordeal. The nurses are certainly going to miss his good humour!” said the spokesperson.

Abe made the news last Wednesday after a crazed gunman fired an improvised device at the former Prime Minister’s back, inflicting a non-fatal wound. Well wishers from across the world immediately took to twitter to share their concerns for the Abe, including Barak Obama, David Cameron, Celine Dion, and his former chat show co-host Jamie Vardy.

A Tokyo General Hospital spokesman was not available for comment.

Filed by Grafton Syracuse courtesy of SyndiNews