Kids' charity Let Your Animal Spirit Roar!!! announces first ever Primalscreamathon Day

Anti-poverty charity seeks to raise awareness with a day of screaming.

Bazake PR

1/16/20221 min read


London, ENG: Children’s anti-poverty charity Let Your Animal Spirit Roar!!! have announced the first ever annual Primalscreamathon Day event, scheduled for Saturday 12th March 2022. The third sector group, which utilises group primal scream therapy in under- or disused urban spaces such as multistorey car parks or depopulated pre-redevelopment council estates to help encourage impoverished inner-city children's entrepreneurial spirit, hopes the event will encourage more politicians and community leaders to take the potential of fully unleashed free market ideas in the 5 to 16 age group seriously.

The Xtermin8 Rat Poison Football League, who recently announced Let Your Animal Spirit Roar!!! as their 2021/22 Official Charity Partner, will hold 15 minute long group primal scream therapy sessions on the pitch at half-time during the 39 scheduled matches across their three divisions on Primalscreamathon Day.

Jessica Eghan, Head of Fundraising at Let Your Animal Spirit Roar!!!, explains:

“A lot of these kids live really squalid lives. Like, really really bad. Honestly, you’d vomit if you saw some of them. They’re stuck in substandard housing, they often go days without seeing their parents who work all sorts of unsociable hours, beans on toast for dinner if they’re lucky. They need some help. But they don’t want hand-outs. They don’t want state intervention. They don’t even want Marcus Rashford getting involved.

"They want to help themselves - and that’s what I find so inspiring about these little wretched creatures. And that’s what we’re trying to do. Offer them a helping hand so they can then help their other hand, the one we didn’t help, all by themselves. How? By giving them all the self-confidence they need to try to form a business - by themselves. No professional advice. No injection of start-up capital. No premises. No office equipment. Just an overwhelming sense that they CAN do it! Positive thinking shouldn’t be exclusively enjoyed by the rich.”

About Let Your Animal Spirit Roar!!!: Founded in 2013 by former Morgan Stanley trader Wilf O’Connor, Let Your Animal Spirit Roar!!! Currently has over one-thousand children screaming their heads off at least once a week in venues including car parks, council estates, church halls and a number of branches of Waitrose for an hour after they close thanks to an unofficial agreement with the John Lewis Partnership.